Aaron Allen

10 Sep 2013

“Just do it jump in. Have no regrets.”

Hello, my name is Aaron! I’m 21 years old from and I am currently traveling in New Zealand!  If you would like to get in contact with me, submit a message here and Erica will relay it to me.  I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve learned while on my journey!

What countries have you traveled to so far? 


What country are you currently in or where are you planning to go?

New Zealand

What stage of life are you in?

Traveling with your Partner

Why embark on your journey?

to experience a new culture, to check out new scenery, to meet new people, to learn something new (skill, trade, etc)

What are some of your goals while traveling?

See the whole world.
Go places my family will never go.
Enjoy everything new.
Meet and learn about new and different cultures.

What were some of your fears about traveling before you left?

Running out of money

How do you feel you have faced those fears during your trip?

Always working and keeping tabs on your money while travelling. Keeping budgets while travelling.

Have you dreams of what you might do with your live changed as a result of traveling?

Yes, thinking of not living where I was born, but living in a different country.

What are 3 significant things you have learned while being on your adventure?

1. Keep your loved ones close while traveling. Keep talking to people far away from you.

2. Always meet new people. Because you never know they might be your new traveling partner.

3. The main reason is to have fun. That is why you travel.

What advice could you give others who are considering taking some time off to explore themselves and the world?

Just do it jump in. Have no regrets. Just make sure you have enough money to do things that you have always wanted to do.

Were there any quotes/people that motivated you along the way?

My girl, always making me do new things.

What are the top three countries you would like to travel to next?

Australia, China, and Fiji