Jack Blackmore

11 Sep 2013

“The reason for my travels was quite simply to gain more experience in my new career of choice as a ski instructor.”

Hello, my name is Jack! I’m 25 years old from England and I am currently traveling in New Zealand!  If you would like to get in contact with me, submit a message here and Erica will relay it to me. I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve learned while on my journey!

What countries have you traveled to so far?

France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, Austria, New Zealand

What country are you currently in or where are you planning to go?

Currently in New Zealand. Planning to visit the USA and back to France.

What stage of life are you in?


Why embark on your journey?

to challenge yourself, to meet new people, to learn something new (skill, trade, etc), to practice a language, gaining work experience in the ski industry.

What are some of your goals while traveling?

My goals or accomplishments if you will were very focused. I’ve never been traveling to gain experience or to find some form of path in life. I’ve been very fortunate in life and have always achieved goals through hard work and dedication. The reason for my travels was quite simply to gain more experience in my new career of choice as a ski instructor. I knew from a very early age what I wanted to do in life and what better way to gain experience in this role then spending it in some of the most beautiful and breathtaking mountain scenery the world has to offer.

What were some of your fears about traveling before you left?

running out of money, missing loved ones

How do you feel you have faced those fears during your trip?

Money is quite simply a means to further experience. I know it can often feel like a burden on your shoulders but as long as you’re willing to work hard and put in the hours then you will always find someone who will be willing to employ you. Don’t look at it as something that can control your life, look at it as something that can further develop it. Work for a bit and gain that financial stability to strive for and then use it towards something you’ve always desired to do.

With the advances in technology keeping in touch with loved ones is easy. Most places will have internet café and now with smart phones and apps like Viber and Skype, getting in touch is not only easy, but also free.

Have you dreams of what you might do with your live changed as a result of traveling?

As mentioned above my childhood dreams are coming to fruition. This has not been a simple process, a lot of hard work, grinding and devotion has been put into this plan and through traveling to various parts of the world, I have been able to gain the qualifications and experience needed. One of my earliest memories was skiing at the age of 2 or 3 years old out in Verbier, Switzerland. It was the joy/excitement and wonderment of being in the mountains since that day which strove me on to become an instructor.

What are 3 significant things you have learned while being on your adventure?

Believe in your own abilities and strengths.
Take a risk and be prepared to fail. Failing is another way to learn.
Be bold, push yourself out of your comfort zone.

What advice could you give others who are considering taking some time off to explore themselves and the world?

If you are like me you won’t want to be on your death bed thinking ‘What If?’. You only get a minimal amount of time on this earth. Why not do the things you love? See the things you want? All it takes is a little planning and confidence to make that jump.

Were there any quotes that motivated you along the way?

I get to go skiing for a living. What more can you ask for. Getting paid for doing what you love. – Me

What are the top three countries you would like to travel to next?

India (kashmir), Japan (Niseko) and Canada (Baffin Island)