Hiking Mt Blackmore, A week in Montana

September 30, 2013

[Show as slideshow] 12► Met up with Payde Stockman for a great day hike up Mt. Blackmore – Craig Saturday, September 28, 2013 Today, Kyle, Amanda, Craig and his friend, Payde (from Wolfeboro) and I hiked Mount Blackmore. Payde has been living in Montana for a number of years now, and was the one to […]


Roosevelt National Park – Medora, North Dakota

September 21, 2013

[Show as slideshow] 12► Undoubtedly a highlight of the trip thus far, Craig and I spent 2 nights in the Cottonwood Campground of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park (South Unit) in Medora, North Dakota. There were numerous aspects of this visit that made it unforgettable. We had left Minnesota early Thursday (9-19) morning–on the road headed […]


Ironton, Minnesota – Cayuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trail Network

September 19, 2013

[Show as slideshow]   The Trail Network in Ironton was developed in 2011 as a way to bring new commerce to the area, has been a wild success.  The well thought out trail system is built upon a foundation of Clay and Iron tailings which make an ideal, durable surface for riding.  The network has […]


A Day in Chicago – Thanks for having us Brandon!

September 18, 2013

    We rolled into West Eastwood Ave in Chicago at 4:45 am, which turned out to be an ideal time to drive into the city with absolutely zero traffic on the roads.  Amira and I had driven through the night instead of camping, and had gone from Yale to Chicago non stop.  Craig drove the […]


Touring Yale – Photo Gallery

September 17, 2013

[Show as slideshow] When we realized we were so close to Yale, I insisted we stop and take some time to walk around and enjoy the architecture.  I am glad we did.


Driver Door Handle Repair

September 17, 2013

At approximately 3:00 AM on Monday 9/16, a bit weary eyed and somewhat belligerent after taking the 11-3AM driving shift, I somehow manged to break the interior driver door handle while stopping for gas and to transfer driving shifts to Amira.  Lovely. The good part about driving into Chicago at 5 AM is that the […]


Getting this trip started! (Only made possible with the support of family and friends)

September 16, 2013

  [Show as slideshow]   Whew! After completing the many finishing touches needed to head west, our first few legs of the trip went a little like this… We bade, “see you later, Vermont”, a midst the sunrise on Tuesday, Sept. 10th with Craig driving the Supra and Amira in the Volvo with the trailer […]


Chris and Craig complete the trailer build

September 12, 2013

After 30+ hours, many beers, and $400 in materials, the trailer build is done-all made possible with the help of a good friend. We are ready to leave Vermont for New Hampshire where we will load up, make our final round of “see you laters”, and head west.


Work on the box continues…last coats of paint are being applied

September 7, 2013

In the first week of September, Chris and I worked nearly every evening after work to finish work on our trailer box.  There were many late evenings as we worked to attach the hinges, paint the box, attach the hardware, position the gas piston, and make everything work correctly. The box is 5’x5’x2′ and will […]