03 Aug 2013

“I really want to embrace the journey I’m on and enjoy the ride!”

Hello, my name is Amy! I’m from the United States and I am currently traveling in Australia! I hope you enjoy reading some of what I’ve learned while on my journey!

What countries have you traveled to so far?

France, England, Peru, Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia

What country are you currently in or where are you planning to go?

I am currently in New Zealand and on my way to Australia

What stage of life are you in?


Why embark on your journey?

to experience a new culture, to check out new scenery, to challenge yourself, to meet new people and to take advantage of youth and freedom!

What are some of your goals while traveling?

Through this experience I’m hoping to grow in my own uncomfortableness of the unknown or life’s circumstances that seem to shape up just at that last minute. So many people live life with a five/ten year plan ahead of them…and while that may potentially be a part of my future, I really want to embrace the journey I’m on and enjoy the ride!

What were some of your fears about traveling before you left?

running out of money, having a hard time meeting people, not being able to find a job (if on a work visa), and not having fun.

How do you feel you have faced those fears during your trip?

I think I’m still in the process of working some of them out, but in the end I think you have to go out of your way to compensate. For example, I was really concerned about not meeting people. Thus I go out of my way to introduce myself to new people wherever I go.

Have you dreams of what you might do with your live changed as a result of traveling?

I think all life experience in general contributes to who you are as a person and who you are becoming. I think anytime you step out of the comfort zone you are pushing yourself to grow in character and resourcefulness and other attributes that hopefully will carry over into any endeavor you may pursue.

What are 3 significant things you have learned while being on your adventure?

Maximize connections
Take a risk and see what happens
Be open to a “change of plans”

What advice could you give others who are considering taking some time off to explore themselves and the world?

If you never try…you’ll never know what could have been! It’s better to fail trying than to not have tried at all! I’m sure you will have learned many things along the way and have some crazy stories to share!

Were there any quotes that motivated you along the way?

I believe it was Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step.”

What are the top three countries you would like to travel to next?:

Switzerland, Iceland, and Patagonia