Introducing the Windera System


Having experienced two years of testing, the Windera system is now available for sale to wind farm owners and operators. A demonstration unit is in operation in Tehachapi, California and a visit can be arranged for interested parties. The Windera system is a dynamically controlled, direct-drive, variable-speed hydraulic drive train that produces extremely stable alternating current (AC) without the use of a gearbox or costly power electronics. The system is fully compliant with both US and European interconnection standards and is applicable to both old and new wind turbine generator systems. It offers robust voltage and power factor control throughout normal grid operations, as well as
through system events, providing optimized grid performance and improved power generation at substantial savings to wind farm owners

The Windera solution is far more than a simple replacement or reconditioned solution to
revitalize aging wind turbines. It is capable of changing the energy landscape with a design that delivers a cost-effective solution and higher revenues over a longer period of time utilizing a larger wind envelope than existing wind turbines and repair options.

The system’s innovative power control and monitoring system insures maximum power
generation at the highest availabilities while at the same time supporting comprehensive remote monitoring and real-time control including full diagnostic and data collection capabilities. The system’s unique modular design, coupled with the use of field-proven components and ISO 9000 manufacturing standards, ensures the highest level of reliability and cost-effective operation of the Windera generator over its entire service life.

Additionally, Windera’s revolutionary hydraulic drive-train design and integrated real- time control and monitoring system enable the Windera system to produce substantially more electricity over a wider range of input conditions as compared to existing fixed- speed generators. The direct-drive configuration eliminates the need for a gearbox which substantially lowers wind farm owners’ operations and maintenance costs. Power conditioning and interconnection to the electric grid is managed by the hydraulic drive train’s control and monitoring system which ensures the delivery of highly-stable power under the most adverse conditions and full compliance to grid codes.

The Windera Solution

  • Direct Hydraulic Drive Train
  • Variable Speed
  • Stable Conditioned AC Power
  • US and EU Compliant
  • Wind and Hydro Applications
  • Increased Revenue for Windfarms
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Saleable Power at Low RPM
  • Remote Monitoring & Control

Windera Hydraulic Generators