Richard W. Burt

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Richard has worked in the electrical engineering field for over 25 years and has been
instrumental in the design and development of some of the most advanced automated
manufacturing facilities in the world. He has worked with many of the most recognizable
names in industry including Ford, Polaroid, Ocean Spray, Volvo, General Motors, and
Evergreen Solar.

Bruce L. Olson

Chief Business Officer

Bruce brings a broad entrepreneurial background to Windera Power Systems, having been
a senior executive and financial officer in more than a dozen successful start-up enterprises
in the varied fields of insurance, finance, computer services, light manufacturing, and retail
services. He has served as Vice Chairman of the HEAF Group, Chairman and Chief Financial Officer HEMAR Insurance Corporation of America, and, most recently, as Chief Executive Officer and Treasurer of Flight Avionics of North America.

Jack T. Sarnicki

Executive VP, Operations

Jack comes to Windera with a wealth of diverse experience, having begun his career as a
mechanical design engineer with Standard Car Truck Company then moving to Aerospace
program manager with MPC products. Mr. Sarnicki established the US office for Wittenstien Aerospace & Simulation GmbH. He has also served as Director of Sales & Marketing for Cybernet Systems Corp, Vice President of Mission Services for Accenture and Executive VP of Business Development with Adacel Inc. In addition to his commercial career, Jack is a retired USAF pilot with 25 years of faithful service.














The Windera Solution

  • Direct Hydraulic Drive Train
  • Variable Speed
  • Stable Conditioned AC Power
  • US and EU Compliant
  • Wind Applications
  • Increased Revenue for Windfarms
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Saleable Power at Low RPM
  • Remote Monitoring & Control