[P1] Project Page Opening

Solar Briefcase v1.0

Portable 12v power system with stereo for off grid power


The Solar Briefcase was conceived when I was given an old camcorder case from my father.  The case was for a large VHS style camcorder, but the case was in brand new condition.  I held onto it for a year until I eventually devised the plans for turning it into a portable power pack.  I included an Alpine 80watt car amplifier and included exterior hookups so that the unit could both charge and play music while locked up tight from the elements.  I initially built it primarily for our annual Saco River Canoe trip, where there was a need for a better quality audio system that could fill the entire beach, while having the ability to play the entire weekend.  The unit has been on at least 8 trips now as well as powered many beach parties, sailboats, tailgate parties and other events.  It has proven itself year in and year out as being a reliable portable power unit.  In the snow-less winter of 2012 I built version 2.0, a smaller, lighter weight version that had more power density at a fraction of the weight.  This version 1.0 unit is still workin