Welcome to The Many Facets of Squirrel, the one stop shop for squirrel information, feeder technology, habitat information, hunting and squirrel technologies. There have been much advancement lately in the field of squirrel technolgoy and we plan to review some of the products that make a squirrels life more fulfilling and adventersome. At first most people are blind to the fact that squirrels can be exciting, intriguing, and smart. Squirrels have the ability to learn far faster than a human. These technological advancements could someday help us to sucessfully transfer squirrel body parts to our own with the hope that someday we can be as naturally beautiful and smart as these amazing animals.

Enter the realm of the squirrel. Please feel free to browse about the site and discover all the fun knowledge and adventure that squirrels have to offer us as humans. We have a lot to learn from these magnificant creatures. Let us bask in their glory.

-The Many Facets of Squirrel

The Many Facets of Squirrel

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