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Road Trip Travel Trailer

Building A Travel Trailer System For A Long Distance Move to

Camp And Play Along The Way


The idea for a travel trailer system that I could pull behind my Volvo wagon began when my girlfriend and I first began to conceptualize a move to Lake Tahoe before settling down.  We love New England very much, but we also love fresh powder and fun places so we started discussing what it would take to make the move.  Our move would be for several years, and we were not looking to relocate all of our furniture and belongings, only the necessary ones.  We decided it would be an opportunity to learn how to live simply.

In addition to Skiing, I have always been involved in  snowmobiling and enjoy climbing hills and making fresh powder turns with my 04′ Polaris RMK.  I knew that it would not be realistic to trailer my sled out west with me, and also that the newer sleds being produced these days have many advantages for backcountry riding over my older RMK.  Having just recently purchased a single place snowmobile trailer, I wondered if I would be able to somehow modify the trailer so that it could be used to relocate us with all of our necessary belongings, and this was the basis for my creation.

The Trailer is equipped with the following features:

  • Four, Pelican 1660 waterproof, lockable cases.  The cases have rollers and a removable handle for easy transportation on the ground.
  • The Pelican Cases are held in place from sliding in three directions with a wood-framed grid.
  • Tongue mounted 1 1/4″ hitch used to mount a two-place Thule Bike Rack.
  • Spare Tire, tongue mounted under the bike rack
  • A 5′ x 5′ x 2′ wooden box, the construction of which is outlined below in this project guide.